So what is the "Happy Hungarian Wine" feeling?

We want our wines to be enjoyable without having to read volumes about them, or having to sit through long winded presentations.

We already know the pleasures to be found in these wines, now allow us to pass them on to you. Here is your opportunity to taste the exceptional wines of our young, talented winemakers, appreciating the special attributes of outstandingly beautiful landscapes.

Fine wine is an adventure. Our organised wine tours will initiate you into the mysteries of Hungarian winemaking, enriching you with a wealth of personal memories.

Our selection of wines come from winemakers who think, like we do, that life is there to be lived joyfully.

This philosophy is reflected in their wines, wines which have given much pleasure to people from all over the world.

Find more about our winemakers and their wines:

Ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses joyfully, and let the adventure begin!

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