Norbert Cseri – Pannonhalma wine region

Cseri Barnabás - Cseri Winery

There is a young, little winery in the heart of the wine region of Pannonhalma, Hungary where stunning landscape, friendly and welcoming atmosphere is waiting for visitors alongside magnificent wines.

The Cseri Winery has quickly become the popular supplier of numerous gourmet restaurants, despite being a recent, junior member of this traditional wine region.

The winery was established back in 2010 by Norbert Cseri and in the beginning, he alone did the chores around the property and winemaking. Recently, his son, Barnabás, a viticulturist engineer graduate himself has joined the family business and became a fundamental member of the company.

Currently, the winery produces Riesling, Savignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, an opulent Tramini, Merlot, Cabernet Frank and Gamay on its 10 hectare property. Not only are these wines outstanding on their own but they are excellent components for a potential blend (cuvee) as well.

Happy Hungarian Wine - Cseri - SUNNY - 2015

Sunny 2015

Happy Hungarian Wine - Cseri - SMART - 2015

Smart 2015

Happy Hungarian Wine - Cseri - AMOROUS - 2015

Amorous 2015

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