János Bolyki - Bolyki Winery

János Bolyki has been making wines since 2003, and his very first Bikavér – the famous Hungarian Bulls Blood – won a silver medal at the Wine Olympics in Bordeaux.

Since then he has brought home one or two medals yearly from that most important event. His winery is situated in spectacular surroundings 10 minutes from the centre of Eger, within the 30 meter high walls of a stone quarry. He has 9 cellars within his 1.2 hectares, two of which are used to entertain up to 115 guests for tastings.

János has won many awards in Hungary for himself and his wines, including Winemaker of the Year and Businessman of the Year in 2011.

Kardos - Kardos Winery

My family can trace it’s roots in Mád in the Tokaj region back over 200 years, and for generations the grapes and wine of Mád provided our living.

The official Kardos and Son winery was founded by my father in 1989, and for a long time our wines were principally sold and consumed in our own local wine bar.

As I took more control in the concern from the mid 2000’s, we placed more emphasis on limiting our output, repeated selection of vines, and carefully selected repeated harvesting in order to fully utilise the extraordinary natural properties of the area. Our main profile is making characteristic dry white wines, and late harvested dessert wines. 

Cseri Barnabás - Cseri Winery

The winery was established back in 2010 by Norbert Cseri and in the beginning, he alone did the chores around the property and winemaking.

Recently, his son, Barnabás, a viticulturist engineer graduate himself has joined the family business and became a fundamental member of the company.

Currently, the winery produces Riesling, Savignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, an opulent Tramini, Merlot, Cabernet Frank and Gamay on its 10 hectare property. Not only are these wines outstanding on their own but they are excellent components for a potential blend (cuvee) as well.

I – Butella László Jr. – was 16 when my dad started working in the vineyard! I always have to say that I have to show the man and I should be humble if someone wants to work in this profession.

I’ve gone through all the steps of this profession, and I feel that it can never be perfect, because it always evolves and needs to be renewed!

I studied my studies as a winemaker engineer, initially I was a Quality Inspector of the Royal-Tokaji Winery for 8 years, then I started to work as a Wine Bar from 2011!

Gál Tibor - Gál Tibor Winery

Tibor Gál Jr is the winemaker in chief and he also runs the Gal Tibor Winery.

The founder, Tibor Gál Sr. was one of Hungary’s best known winemakers abroad, having overseen a series of blockbusting vintages of Ornellaia in Tuscany for Lodovico Antinori. He created the Ornellaia Super Toscan cuvee in 1998, which was ranked the first on the list of top 100 wines by the Wine Spectator magazine later in 2001.

He worked as a consultant for Ornellaia, Aia Vecchia Wineries in Tuscany, Roncaia Winery of Friuli and Barbara Incisa Winery in Piemont and Capaia in Stellenbosch.


Péter Frittmann - Frittmann Winery

The Frittmann family has settled down in Soltvadkert in the early 1700s from Baden-Württenberg province of Germany. The family has been growing vines and producing wines without interruption ever since this time, in the heart of Hungary’s largest wine region, in the Kunság. Frittmann wines are produced in a family venture owned by two well-known winemakers: István and János.

Nowadays the younger generations also have leading roles at the winery, their aim to bring their international professional experiences and knowledge to create innovative ideas.Thanks to the typical soil characteristics of Soltvadkert, the ratio of the reductive, intensively fruity white and rose wines is outstanding, but there are many matured ones as well – that shows the potential of the wine region.

Kata & Petra Zsirai - Zsirai Winery

Once upon a time there was two young girls – Petra and Kata Zsirai– whose fairy tale had a tragic beginning. They lost their Father who just achieved his dream: owning a winery and making wines.

The two girls inherited a winery with 18 hectares from three different wine regions and the dream that they live on. Following their Father’s footsteps they only produce barrel aged wines, from the traditional Hungarian grapes of their territories.

Their story is far from over, we hope that you are curious about how it ends.

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